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Torah Portion - VaYelechTorah Portion - VaYeshev

Torah Portion - Vayera

Vayera Genesis 18:1-22:24



( Michal Meron )

Summery of this Portion:
Three angels come to Abraham and Sarah to announce that Sarah will bear a child. Sarah responds by laughing. Two of the messengers go to Sodom, while God tell Abraham the plan to destroy the sinful city. Abraham debates with God, but God proceeds with the city's destruction. Abraham's nephew Lot escapes with his two daughters. Isaac is born to Abraham and Sarah. Abraham circumcises his new son. Sarah becomes jealous of Hagar and her son Ishmael and Abraham send them away. God commands Abraham to go and offer Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham is stopped by God, who provides a ram as a substitute.

This Weekly Torah Portion comes in large print (19 X 14) or small (12 X 8), and can be purchased either framed or unframed (framed print add approximately 2 inches to the size).

There is an additional flat charge of $45 for the shipping from Israel to the U.S.

Please note that the print is sent directly from the artist’ studio in Israel and takes about 4-6 weeks.


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