Picking the perfect travel destination to go vacationing in might proof to be a real headache especially if you are faced with the dilemma of having more than one place of interest. You put a lot of factors under scrutiny, ‘what is summer/winter like in these places?’ ‘Are the people there friendly?’ ‘Which is friendlier?’ ‘Which has the best food?’ etc. before finally deciding on what destination to go to.

In this article, we put two wonderful places that are far apart under our microscopic glass to determine which destination is the better destination to travel to. We are going to look at what vacation in Italy feels like and what vacationing in New Zealand feels like before concluding on what country to visit.

We purposely chose countries that are far apart from each other so we don’t have the problem of comparing two almost alike countries.


  • Italy

Italy is often called the country of love and there are lots of reasons why. The country as a whole is a wonderfully great romantic place while also boasting landscapes of different nature for your enjoyment.

Should you go to Italy, endeavour to visit and explore the Amalfi coast, you will love it. Also try to go spend time in Lake Como or/and Lake Garda and their surrounding mountains, you would wish to stay there forever.

If you still have time in your hands, go to the wonderful city of Venice before going to the splendid city of Rome. I mentioned Rome last because it is most likely the area you would enjoy the most and you what they say about saving the best for last.

While I was in Italy, I also visited the city of Milan, although for sports reason (I am an AC Milan fan). While there I visited Casa Milan where the club’s trophies are displayed, and the club’s stadium – The Giuseppe Meazza. Even though I couldn’t see a match as there was none that day, I really enjoyed the Milan city the most.

If you are not a sports person or an AC Mlan fan, I doubt you would enjoy this place as much.

All in all, Italy is a wonderful vacation destination that you will definitely love. Did I mention their splendid cuisines? Oh my days!


  • New Zealand

The equally wonderful country that is New Zealand is also an amazing place to go romantic and honeymoon wise. Although, whether or not you would fully enjoy the country is largely dependent on what period of the year you visit the country and what you are into. For example, an individual who loves skiing wouldn’t be advised to go near New Zealand during the early months of January, February, and March. Try June buddy!

Despite all what was said above however, you would still enjoy the country regardless of what your passion is or what time of the year you decide to come visiting as the country has lots of great sights to see and wonderful places to visit that would wow you.

Do you love lakes and mountains? The country has them on its South Island. Oh a lover of the beach then? There are lots of magnificent ones for you to visit on the North Island.

There are also a lot of other romantic and wonderful locations to visit in New Zealand such as: Waiheke Island, The Redwoods, Camp Reinga, Devonport, and so much more.


  • Conclusion

If you seek to have a vacation that involves you going to islands and other wonderful places, New Zealand is the place for you. You just have to be very sure of what period you are visiting and if you would be able to do what you enjoy doing the most, if you want to fully enjoy the vacation.

If you prefer going for sightseeing of ancient houses and relics, diverse landscapes, etc, a romantic getaway, and lovely cuisine, Italy is the destination for you.