Much preferred means of transportation by most folks when traveling is either by air or by road in their private car. Only few ever consider travelling by train. But these few know the pleasure and enjoyment they derive from each train travel experience. Below are few reasons why you should consider a train travel in your next trip

  1. The fare is much cheaper.

Travelling by rail greatly saves you a whole lot. Having much saved from the transportation to your destination affords you more choices to avail at your tourist destination. Hence, you consider rising fuels cost, it just makes sense to avoid incurring more cost on fuel and maintenance of your private car when you travel by road. Also there are discounts given to children or large groups at train stations. You can avail yourself of such discount and save more. Saving more means having more money to enjoy your tourist destination.

  1. It offers great convenience.

Unlike car travel, you enjoy a less disturbing journey when travelling by rail. You do not need to cram yourself in the vehicle. Also you are free from different custom checks at different road stations. All you need to do n train travel is to get to the station and get into the train; no car fuelling, custom check, regular stop to rest, or cramming inside the vehicle.  Rail travel is especially suitable for large group of people. There would be no need to incur huge taxi fares. Also everybody arrives at the destination at the same time. Train travel offers so much opportunity to catch fun for family members. In a train travel, families get to sit facing each other, which makes chatting, and playing easier and much fun. In such a setting, plying of different games among families is quite easy and fun. Also in a train travel, there is no need for stops at restaurants, all you just need to do is be on seat and have your food served before you. Train travel is great fun and provides more comfort than car travel.


  1. It provides a stress free journey.

Traffic jam only occurs in road travel. But never in the history f train travel has an traffic been experienced. Train travel saves you the risk of running into traffic or unpredictable roads or some sort of delay, which could be encountered while travelling by road. No one wants to have issues with their flight. One could run the chances of missing a flight when one travels by road. However, travelling by train not only affords good speed especially with the new generation trains but affords avoiding unnecessary delay. Another great advantage of travelling by rail is the proximity to ferry harbor or airports. Most train stations are door to door with ferries or airports. It also saves parking cost when one travel by train unlike when one’s car is used for the journey, one would have to pay parking fees at the airport which is often quite expensive. But with a train you just need to step down of the rain and walk a few distance t the airport and be on board for your tourist destination.

  1. The comfort is superb

Holidays are full of rush and sweats. It is always an enduring moment for most travellers who are on the road. The rush and cramming inside the vehicle provides little or no comfort to passengers in cars or buses. Even stretching of the legs become almost impossible which makes the journey all the more enduring coupled with the fact that one has to be confined to hs or her seat. The case is the reversal in a train. There are plenty of rooms on board and the trains large enough to allow cross ventilation. Also stretching of the les is one of the easiest thing to enjoy in a train travel.

  1. You can afford to carry as much luggage as you need.

The number of luggage you carry on board is no issue at all as long as you are travelling by train. Travelling by air incur far more expense on excess luggage than with train. There is a limit to the number of luggage you can carry when you travel by road. However, train travelling affords you too carry as much luggage as you desire. This is simply because there is plenty of rooms in the train and there are no stringent policies in luggage with train stations.