Italy or New Zealand: Which Would Make for a Better Travel Experience?

Picking the perfect travel destination to go vacationing in might proof to be a real headache especially if you are faced with the dilemma of having more than one place of interest. You put a lot of factors under scrutiny, ‘what is summer/winter like in these places?’ ‘Are the people there friendly?’ ‘Which is friendlier?’ ‘Which has the best food?’ etc. before finally deciding on what destination to go to.

In this article, we put two wonderful places that are far apart under our microscopic glass to determine which destination is the better destination to travel to. We are going to look at what vacation in Italy feels like and what vacationing in New Zealand feels like before concluding on what country to visit.

We purposely chose countries that are far apart from each other so we don’t have the problem of comparing two almost alike countries.


  • Italy

Italy is often called the country of love and there are lots of reasons why. The country as a whole is a wonderfully great romantic place while also boasting landscapes of different nature for your enjoyment.

Should you go to Italy, endeavour to visit and explore the Amalfi coast, you will love it. Also try to go spend time in Lake Como or/and Lake Garda and their surrounding mountains, you would wish to stay there forever.

If you still have time in your hands, go to the wonderful city of Venice before going to the splendid city of Rome. I mentioned Rome last because it is most likely the area you would enjoy the most and you what they say about saving the best for last.

While I was in Italy, I also visited the city of Milan, although for sports reason (I am an AC Milan fan). While there I visited Casa Milan where the club’s trophies are displayed, and the club’s stadium – The Giuseppe Meazza. Even though I couldn’t see a match as there was none that day, I really enjoyed the Milan city the most.

If you are not a sports person or an AC Mlan fan, I doubt you would enjoy this place as much.

All in all, Italy is a wonderful vacation destination that you will definitely love. Did I mention their splendid cuisines? Oh my days!


  • New Zealand

The equally wonderful country that is New Zealand is also an amazing place to go romantic and honeymoon wise. Although, whether or not you would fully enjoy the country is largely dependent on what period of the year you visit the country and what you are into. For example, an individual who loves skiing wouldn’t be advised to go near New Zealand during the early months of January, February, and March. Try June buddy!

Despite all what was said above however, you would still enjoy the country regardless of what your passion is or what time of the year you decide to come visiting as the country has lots of great sights to see and wonderful places to visit that would wow you.

Do you love lakes and mountains? The country has them on its South Island. Oh a lover of the beach then? There are lots of magnificent ones for you to visit on the North Island.

There are also a lot of other romantic and wonderful locations to visit in New Zealand such as: Waiheke Island, The Redwoods, Camp Reinga, Devonport, and so much more.


  • Conclusion

If you seek to have a vacation that involves you going to islands and other wonderful places, New Zealand is the place for you. You just have to be very sure of what period you are visiting and if you would be able to do what you enjoy doing the most, if you want to fully enjoy the vacation.

If you prefer going for sightseeing of ancient houses and relics, diverse landscapes, etc, a romantic getaway, and lovely cuisine, Italy is the destination for you.

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Much preferred means of transportation by most folks when traveling is either by air or by road in their private car. Only few ever consider travelling by train. But these few know the pleasure and enjoyment they derive from each train travel experience. Below are few reasons why you should consider a train travel in your next trip

  1. The fare is much cheaper.

Travelling by rail greatly saves you a whole lot. Having much saved from the transportation to your destination affords you more choices to avail at your tourist destination. Hence, you consider rising fuels cost, it just makes sense to avoid incurring more cost on fuel and maintenance of your private car when you travel by road. Also there are discounts given to children or large groups at train stations. You can avail yourself of such discount and save more. Saving more means having more money to enjoy your tourist destination.

  1. It offers great convenience.

Unlike car travel, you enjoy a less disturbing journey when travelling by rail. You do not need to cram yourself in the vehicle. Also you are free from different custom checks at different road stations. All you need to do n train travel is to get to the station and get into the train; no car fuelling, custom check, regular stop to rest, or cramming inside the vehicle.  Rail travel is especially suitable for large group of people. There would be no need to incur huge taxi fares. Also everybody arrives at the destination at the same time. Train travel offers so much opportunity to catch fun for family members. In a train travel, families get to sit facing each other, which makes chatting, and playing easier and much fun. In such a setting, plying of different games among families is quite easy and fun. Also in a train travel, there is no need for stops at restaurants, all you just need to do is be on seat and have your food served before you. Train travel is great fun and provides more comfort than car travel.


  1. It provides a stress free journey.

Traffic jam only occurs in road travel. But never in the history f train travel has an traffic been experienced. Train travel saves you the risk of running into traffic or unpredictable roads or some sort of delay, which could be encountered while travelling by road. No one wants to have issues with their flight. One could run the chances of missing a flight when one travels by road. However, travelling by train not only affords good speed especially with the new generation trains but affords avoiding unnecessary delay. Another great advantage of travelling by rail is the proximity to ferry harbor or airports. Most train stations are door to door with ferries or airports. It also saves parking cost when one travel by train unlike when one’s car is used for the journey, one would have to pay parking fees at the airport which is often quite expensive. But with a train you just need to step down of the rain and walk a few distance t the airport and be on board for your tourist destination.

  1. The comfort is superb

Holidays are full of rush and sweats. It is always an enduring moment for most travellers who are on the road. The rush and cramming inside the vehicle provides little or no comfort to passengers in cars or buses. Even stretching of the legs become almost impossible which makes the journey all the more enduring coupled with the fact that one has to be confined to hs or her seat. The case is the reversal in a train. There are plenty of rooms on board and the trains large enough to allow cross ventilation. Also stretching of the les is one of the easiest thing to enjoy in a train travel.

  1. You can afford to carry as much luggage as you need.

The number of luggage you carry on board is no issue at all as long as you are travelling by train. Travelling by air incur far more expense on excess luggage than with train. There is a limit to the number of luggage you can carry when you travel by road. However, train travelling affords you too carry as much luggage as you desire. This is simply because there is plenty of rooms in the train and there are no stringent policies in luggage with train stations.


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Recreational Activities For Older People 

Even if elderly people are weak or some have illnesses, there are still elderly people who are healthy and kicking. They can still involve themselves in fun recreational activities and they deserve all the fun an exercise they can get from it. 

Recreational Activities

If you are with an older person make sure that you engage him or her in one of those activities. This will definitely help them physically, mentally and emotionally. Especially when they are depressed and lonely, they will really be helped in these concerns.  

Outdoor Recreational Activities

There are outdoor activities that are not stressful for them. Some activities are really suitable for people with old age and other individuals who have disabilities. One example is Bird Watching. This is a very fun thing to do for the old people because it can be relaxing for them especially when they are out somewhere that is very peaceful and has fresh air. Some outdoor activities also include; gardening, strolling to parks, fishing, and having picnics with loved ones, probably teaching the basic mechanics of new port Richey ac repair and more.  

Being Artsy

A lot of older people are also artsy but they have limitations now that they are old, therefore, you must recreate these activities to fit their physical abilities. In this way, the older people will also be able to continue their hobby when they were still younger. They will not feel old in this scenario. One example is coloring. You can buy them adult coloring books that are very relaxing or therapeutic to them since it gives them a quite time alone without feeling lonely. They can still continue being artsy despite of their old age. Indeed, age is not a reason not to be productive. Many crafts are also for the seniors like sewing, photography, making cards, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting, flower arranging and things like those.  

Puzzles and Games

A lot of elderly people choose to enjoy with family members and friends. Puzzles and games are the things that can help you with your vacant time. This does not require so much pressure and physical abilities in order to perform it and that is why this is perfect for the seniors. Bingo, bridge, crossword puzzles and a lot more board games are made to make the seniors enjoy. This is a good way to liven life up. If seniors work with puzzles, they can make their brain sharp and alert. There are puzzle pieces which are made to be bigger in size so that older people can see them clearly.  


A study by Ybarra from the University of Michigan for Social Research tested people up to 96 years old. When elderly people engage with conversations to other people, they increase their memory and strengthen it. Therefore, older people are able to have a sharp mind. They should be given an ample amount of time to socialize with other people. It can also help them if they are depressed and lonely. If you live with them, at least make time to talk to them once in a while so that you will also increase your relationship with them.  

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Cheap Recreational Activities for Everyone 

If your problem with having fun is money, then there is nothing left for you to worry on. There are many activities that you can do even if you only have a small budget for your recreational activity. Many people do not enjoy with friends or family because they think that all recreational activities needs many dollar bills just to enjoy it. This is not correct for there are a lot of recreational activities that are affordable and cheap for everyone to enjoy.  

Recreational Activities

If you have a plan to enjoy your next weekend, here are some of the many cheap recreational activities that you can enjoy with friends, loved ones and family members. These are all very easy and you should keep on reading to know more.  


Ask around your town, city, village or neighborhood if there are woods or mountains that are fun to go to. You can also use google maps to find woods and mountains that are near your place. In this way, you can go on a hike on the woods and what you are going to need is only water and food that you can snack on while hiking or when you arrive at the top of the mountain or at a specific beautiful place in the woods.  

Make sure that you remember your tracks so that you will not get lost. Also, make sure that it is safe in that area. You can also have a simple picnic at the park near your house. You can bring your friends with you. You can eat ice cream, or you can bring homemade sandwiches with you so that you would not be hungry while outside. You can take your pictures out there as remembrance, as well. You can also go to beaches nearby your area and fly a kite.  

You can make your own kite and that will be enjoyable too. You will be able to have a good time in a very nice and cozy place. There are also people who want to go on a bike trip. This is a very nice way to enjoy and to exercise at the same time. You will meet new people or bikers that love to do the same thing you are doing. You can ask them for recommendations on where to bike to next, we are sure they have their own favorite spots.  


You can go online and check on some delicious and easy recipes that you can do and you share it with your family members and loved ones during dinner or lunch. You can have a get together party and talk about food, this way you can learn more recipes from your relatives or family members that you can try soon. It will also let you create a strong relationship with your family members. If you have a group of friends, decide a host for a party and take turns every Friday or Saturday or whichever day of the week that you would like to have dinner with them; you can ask them too. This is very simple and cheap compared to going to restaurants to order and eat delicious meals. Why go to expensive restaurants when you can just cook your own version?  

There are a lot of problems in the world, especially the climate which is getting hotter and hotter every day. If you have other problems than just finding cheap recreational activities, and you just want to enjoy your time at home then you can just turn on your air conditioner spring hill for a cooler ambiance.  

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Children With Developmental Disability Can Enjoy Recreational Activities

Even if your child has a developmental disability, he or she is worth everything. They also deserve to be treated just like normal kids. They should be able to experience what normal kids are experiencing so that they would not feel that they are left out in the society, in this way, we can avoid depression and loneliness. We could also make them feel secure and loved in this way.  

 Recreational Activities

Here are some of the many activities that have been modified to suit their abilities and needs. Continue reading to know more about this. 

  • DO WHAT I SAY is a game that requires you to play lively and rhythmic music so that you can catch the attention of the child. Start with simple movements such as walking, running, dancing, jumping, rolling and things like that. You must let them follow everything that you say. It will be fun for the kids especially that you have provided music.  
  • STATUE GAME this is very simple because what you are going to need is a speaker and a playlist of children’s song that are lively for them. The instructions go like this; when the music is playing, they have to dance around a circle and when the music stops, they must stop and pose like a statue.  
  • PAINT A PICTURE is a very simple activity for them. You have to show pictures to the kids and make them imitate the picture, for example, a fish. They must embody the fish with its skills like swimming including its shape. 
  • PAINT THE ROCKS just by collecting the rocks outside is already a fun activity for the kids. Afterwards, set up a place where they can sit comfortably and provide materials for painting. Let the kids paint the rocks according to their liking. They can paint people or plants in it and they can even it color it in a single color, depending on their own creativity.  
  • TIN CAN GAME is a fun game that you can let the kids do. You only need tin cans and a ball. Make the kids throw the ball in order to hit the tin cans. Adjust them in different sizes and distances and group them into a team so that it will also increase their ability to work with other people or team work. In this way, they will also be able to socialize with other kids.  
  • TREASURE HUNTING is very easy and enjoyable. You can group them into two teams or more depending on the number of kids that you have. Then, give each group a list of things that they should find in the area where you are playing in the game. They should hunt for the set of things that you have assigned them.  
  • ACTING GAME this game is very simple. This is also called charades. You can put in pieces of paper on a bowl. The pieces of paper should contain an animal that they can imitate and let the other kids guess what animal it is. They can also produce the animal sounds so that they will be able to increase their knowledge in this genre. This is very fun especially if you have provided a lot of animals to imitate.  
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